endel white water flosserpik

The Next Generation

The tool that does it all Oral irrigation is the next generation of flossing. This high-tech, cost-effective, time-saving tool is the gift that keeps on giving, as it will provide years of clean teeth and healthy gums with minimal electricity and water usage. We have worked hard to refine the original Flosserpik 800 to make the fresh new Flosserpik 900 that is: More effective: we’ve replaced a steady stream of water with strong pulsating jets that blast bacteria away. Plus you can save time and double the clean with the brush head tip, which combines water flossing with thorough tooth brushing. More compact: its slimline design and thinner cable not only look sleek, but take up less space in your bathroom. More sustainable: we’ve decreased the amount of plastic to reduce our carbon footprint. We have also decreased the water consumption per use by replacing a continuous stream of water with powerful pulses (which in turn boosts its efficiency – it’s a win-win!).

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